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Making your decision on the next car you want to drive home is a hard enough decision on its own, so we don’t blame you for not wanting to figure out financing a new Chevrolet car on your own. That’s why at Premier Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Inc, our finance team will be happy to guide you through the process, including discussing if you should lease or buy your next Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle.

Benefits of Leasing

The key advantage of leasing is accessibility. New car purchases can be a bit out of reach for some shoppers, but leasing allows you to make lower payments to drive a new car home. Now, you won’t actually own the car; a lease is almost like a long-term rental, although the actual rate is quite a bit lower. You aren’t responsible for the full price of the new car when you lease, just the measured depreciation over the course of the lease term, which is usually about three years. This results in lower payments each month, along with a lower down payment, all while you enjoy the latest features and smooth ride of a brand new car.

Benefits of Buying

If you want to enjoy the pride of owning a car for yourself, along with having the ability to see a return on the car when you sell it later on, then buying is right for you. Making a car purchase is the only way you can be the rightful owner after you pay off the car over time. Plus, buying gives you the ability to add aftermarket features and to drive without any limits on your mileage.

To learn more about financing a new car from our Chevrolet dealer near Windsor, call or visit our dealership today!

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